Take Our Survey: What do you want to hear?

What do you want to hear on the new Central Coast Community Radio station?  What are you willing to do to help make it happen? Take this brief survey by following the link.  The more input we can get, the more we can create something that is a true public service.




  1. Airing NPR is a bad idea. Costs a fortune, too, if I recall correctly from the other station in the news here in Scz in recent years, KSCO?? (something K…).

    As a former NPR listener I’ve come to learn what it is, more neo-liberal propaganda, and if some would debate that. Ok, then, too much of it is. I’m under the impression the BBC is too to some extent.

    Why not have truly locally-produced news? I’m confident there are even journalism students with the collective talent and resources to do it for free! It needn’t be comprehensive in this day and age of so many sources for news and info— but make it in depth and analytical like seeds with which the public can better scrutinize the news they DO hear elsewhere (shhhhh, secretly educational.)

    I was referred by a link from the Santa Cruz 4 Bernie org.

  2. Like Myra Eastman in the G’Times article, KUSP was, for many years, an every day part of my life. I was a donor, and member, and contributor, interviewed many times on air, and volunteer at auction time. I learned about World Music from KUSP, which for a time, was on-air every afternoon of the work week. That all changed when the station became enamoured of NPR, although I still tuned in on weekends. The final straw was the last act, when KUSP turned to “introducing new music” to us, all of which was awful. I am not alone in my take on this, as friends of mine and I have discussed the demise of KUSP numerous times.

    • Hi Judy,
      Many people had the same reaction to the end days of KUSP. Many of us tried, unsuccessfully, to appeal to those who had the power to right the ship or downsize to survive. With this new station, we are aiming for a fresh start, new direction, and an honoring of the best of what KUSP can/did do when it was more of a community station. I hope you will support this new effort.

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